Paw socks for Dog

Why use paw socks?

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The use of paw socks is first and foremost about protecting the dog’s paws. It can be against cold or heat, against road salt, sore paws and wear. But also as protection against damage that has already occurred, such as a torn claw or cuts and wounds. In addition, it is very good to have longer walks if the dog should get an injury to the paw. Paw socks should be as natural a part of a first aid kit as compresses and bandages.

In general about the use of paw socks

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Brush your dog’s paws free of dirt and gravel or snow before putting on the paw sock. The sock can be used on both sides so that you get double wear time out of each sock. However, if there is a hole in the sock, it is important to replace it with a new one so that gravel cannot penetrate otherwise snow can cause chafing.

Dog socks protect against the cold

Not all dogs freeze on their paws when it gets minus degrees, but frost, snow and crust can cause sore foot pads. Cold also gives drier pillows which are then more prone to crack formation and wounds. Snow melts and ices between the toes and flaps in the coat. This is very uncomfortable for the dog and the more it licks to get rid of the claws, the more it freezes.

A warm paw sock also protects against the physical cold. When you see the dog reluctant to put its paws down, it’s time to get those socks on. If it is slippery, it is advisable to use a nylon sock, while a fleece sock is comfortable when there is bare frost.

Hot asphalt can be painful for the dog

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Hot asphalt is often rewritten, and if you can not keep your hand on the asphalt for a few seconds, it will also bother the dog. It can be uncomfortable at best, causing burns at worst. But hot sand and boulders are not good for dog paws either. The paw sock protects against hot surfaces.

Protect your dog’s paws from road salt

Road salt can be corrosive to the dog’s paws. If you have walked in areas where it is salted, it is a good idea to rinse the dog’s paws well when you get home. Paw socks will also protect against road salt and thus prevent sore paws.

How to prevent damage to dog paws

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Hold your paws well groomed, cut excess fur between the foot pads and cut claws regularly. Long Claws are harmful to the dog’s gait and can lead to errors in the paw position. It will more easily be able to attach to cracks and tear off the claw which is very painful.

A good paw ointment will add fat and also help against dry dogs. The foot pad can crack if the skin is not soft, supple and strong.

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