Seleverkstedet Comfort dog harness

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A comfortable dog harness in very high quality, for the daily walks. Fits most dog breeds. Has a D-ring both above and below and can also be used as a Scent Work harness.

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Seleverkstedet Comfort Harness

As the name implies, this is a very comfortable dog harness suitable for most breeds. This dog harness is suitable for daily walks and ‘airing’ and provides a freedom of movement that quickly makes it the dog’s own favourite.

Which size is right for my dog?

Measurements are only guidelines, and your dog may fit two different sizes. The Comfort harness allows significant adjustment around neck and chest but going up in size is recommended when your dog is between sizes.

XX-Small typically fits:
Parson Russell, Dwarf Pinscher, Danish-Swedish farm dog bitch

X-Small typically fits:
Jack Russell, Danish-Swedish farm dog, Whippet bitch

Small typically fits:
Husky bitch, English setter bitch, Buhund, Breton

Medium typically fits:
Husky male, pointer, Vorsteh, big setter, Golden, Labrador Hunting Labrador, Samoyed

Large typically fits:
Greenland dog, Golden, Labrador, Rottweiler

X-large typically fits:
Rottweiler, New Foundland dog


Adjustment options

The Comfort harness has adjustment options both at the neck and under the tummy to provide your dog with the perfect fit. Made from robust yet soft materials, at no point does the harness chafe against the dog’s coat or skin. The section along the back should reach about half-way between the shoulders and tail. The harness allows for a wide range of adjustment but going up in size is recommended when the dog is midway between sizes.

Dual-purpose harness

The harness has two D-rings, one for regular leads and one for tracking lines. The upper D-ring is used for walks/airing with a regular lead. The lower D-ring is used to fasten tracking lines so that the line is centrally attached under the dog when tracking. The adjustable neck-opening allows sufficient space to ensure the dog has free airways when searching with its nose to the ground.

Top pocket

The back section features a smart little pocket for storing small items such as poop bags or tracker.

Superb quality

The harness is sewn from the highest quality nylon with top class reflectors, UTX Flex® quick-release buckles and stitching. The elegant vegan leather details reinforce the ring attachments as well as giving an attractive design appearance to the harness as a whole.

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