Provit PIG EARS dog snacks

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Dog snacks without artificial additives from Provit.

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Provit Pig Ears dog snacks

Dog snacks without artificial additives from Provit.

Provit’s series Go’biten is an all-Norwegian product made from Norwegian ingredients. These are sourced from Norwegian slaughterhouses under strict quality and veterinary control. The finished goodies are produced and packed at Norsk Dyremat AS’s facility outside Kristiansund.
Freeze-dried without e-substances

Freeze-dried treats for your dog

Common to all the flavors is that they are freeze-dried. Freeze-drying means that the finished products have a long shelf life at room temperature, without adding substances to the food that preserve and delay nature’s course. When a raw material is freeze-dried, almost all the moisture is extracted from the product and you are left with a “compressed” nutrient content without going to the detriment of taste. When the water is extracted, the product also becomes light. The Provit Go’biten weighs only ¼ of the weight of the raw material, ie a bag of 50 grams contains 200 grams of raw materials without water.

The different flavors are mostly used as a reward and treat, but remember that these are 100% pure Norwegian ingredients that can be used in dog food as a flavoring.

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