Tradition, innovation and quality since 1981.
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Seleverkstedet since 1981

Knowledge through 40 years of special sewing

Seleverkstedet has since 1981 designed and produced quality products for dogs. In this range you will find solid dog harnesses for different uses – air harness, track harness and adjustable harness. In addition, there are knitwear, leashes and dog collars, as well as the very positively talked about TOGO cleaver, which is one of the market’s most solid products. The harness workshop’s dog harness has for several decades been the first choice for many dog handlers due to its durability and ergonomics. Our dog harnesses are designed for free movement and free airways when your dog is moving. 40 years of special sewing and direct contact with the dog environment is the knowledge we use to deliver you the best of quality equipment for your dog.

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Driving knitting Joring Line Seleverkstedet rush

Seleverkstedet Rush Joring Line 160

Price 54,90 $64,90 $ $
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dog leash from Seleverkstedet Link Dog Lead 160

Seleverkstedet Link dog lead 160 | dog leash

Price 39,90 $ $
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Harness workshop_Unify_hundehalsbånd_halvstrup

Seleverkstedet Unify dog Collar dog collar

Price 39,90 $49,90 $ $
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Seleverkstedet Trekreg dog harness

Price 99,90 $119,90 $ $
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Tradition, innovation and quality since 1981.

At Seleverkstedet we think new and innovative, and always with the dog in focus. Since the start in 1981, we have developed new solutions and products based on the individual activity, the dog’s movements and the requirements the activity places on the equipment. Today, dog harnesses and hooves for dogs are our specialty.