Drawbar – Adjustable drawstring from Seleverkstedet

Adjustable drawstring from Seleverkstedet

A good harness for all dogs with short and strong bodies, growing dogs and otherwise all the others.

The harness workshop’s adjustable drawstring saw the light of day at a café in Gran one day in September 1994.

The dogs that had a slightly short and strong body also needed a good harness but did not fit into the traditional nomesel. The adjustable drawstring has the nomesel’s good front receives the pressure in the same way as this.

The harness neck should be somewhat narrow and not hinder the dog’s shoulder and upper arm movements.

In addition, it is adjustable in neck and length. By making a difference between the upper and lower leashes, the harness neck can be angled so that the dog has free airways even if it pulls hard.

The ideal point for the pull ring is somewhere between the middle of the back and the “tail root” (where the tail goes out of the body). If you choose the harness short, it is a very good harness for those who train with the dog attached to the side of the bike in a Springer spring. Then you can also set the difference between the right and left lower bands and thus make the harness skewed so that the pull ring is on the side towards the bike. Then the chest post is not pulled up into the armpit.

The harness is suitable for anyone who wants to use the harness on young growing dogs and on different dogs.