Togo backpack from Seleverkstedet

Togo cleaved to dog from Seleverkstedet

The harness workshop’s TOGO hoof saw the light of day in 1982, and has since been optimized to sharpen the characteristics of the hoof and the carrying comfort of the dog. The volume of the hoof (the bags and the raised lid) is made as large as it is appropriate for the dog to carry without restricting the dog’s freedom of movement. Together with the high quality of fabric, stitching and buckles, this has given the Togo club very good reviews.

Seleverkstedet – quality since 1981

Leather and 1000 denier coated nylon fabric as well as solid seams have earned it the award «Best hoof in long-term testing» (Villmarksliv August 2015). Material quality and stitching are the same as today.

Two pockets in the lid

The lid has 2 pockets with YKK® zipper. Here you can add small light things you need to have easy access to.

Togo split chest strap

Padded chest strap

A simple adjustable padded chest strap means that the hoof does not slip backwards.

Togo slipped and slithered in the wet grass

Adjustable sliding

An adjustable sliding end that is connected to a ring on each side of the rear part of the hoof. This attachment has a fixed connection to the front chest strap so that no seam breaks if the dog pulls a little extra hard.
When using the sliding end, the hoof will not be pulled over to the side when the dog walks skewed in relation to you. Due to the fact that the hook slides from side to side, it will wear after a period of use. It can then be removed and replaced.

Togo split UTX spans

Click buckles of good quality

Six plastic buckles of UTX® quality hold the lid of the hoof tight. 2 powerful on each side and 2 slightly smaller at the back which prevents the lid from blowing up with wind from behind.

Lever for adjustment

The lifting strap that goes from the edge of the bag to the edge of the bag is adjustable and lifts the hoof bags slightly out from the dog’s sides when the hoof is heavy. It saves the dog from getting wear and tear on the upper arm and elbow joint.

Snow lock to protect luggage

The snow lock closes each bag and holds the contents in place.

Knit and fastening straps

Chest straps and two belly straps hold the hoof in place on the dog’s back. The only thing that ensures that the hoof is balanced and lies straight is that it is packed correctly.


The leather in the front and side absorbs the wear and tear from stones and shrubs. We recommend inserting the leather with oil in between so that you can keep the leather soft. This increases the durability and prevents the skin from drying out and cracking over time.

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