Seleverkstedet Fleece dog boot

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4 soft and warm paw socks in thick quality fleece with velcro straps. Perfect for all dry conditions, dry snow and bare ground.

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Seleverkstedet Fleece Dog Boot  4-pack

If you are looking for a comfortable, warm paw sock made in top quality fleece, then look no further. Light, yet robust and warm paw sock which is perfect for your dog’s paws.

Comfort and quality for your dog

Protects the paws with soft, comfortable fleece. The socks are sewn from quality material and feature top class velcro and stitching.

Fleece dog booties – areas of use

This paw sock is especially suitable in dry snow and dry ground, but is also excellent for slippery floors to prevent stretch injuries.

Fleece fog booties – which size for my dog?

Paw sock measure paw size

Size Small Height 10cm typically fits:
• Setter bitch
Husky bitch
Size Medium Height 11.5 typically fits:
• Husky
• Setters, male dogs
Size Large Height 12.5cm typically fits:
• Large Vorsteh male dog
• Greenland dog
• German Shepherd, male dog
Size Extra Large height 14cm typically fits:

• Bernese Mountain Dog

Larger Malamute

Dog booties without elasticated velcro

Seleverkstedet delivers paw socks without elasticated velcro. This is because we find that paw socks with elasticated velcro fall off more easily during use. If they are tightened a little too much, there is a danger that an elasticated velcro is too constrictive. This can hinder blood flow in the joint and cause swelling. If not tight enough, the elastic left over means that the velcro can slide off the paw when the dog is working through snow or really kicking. This does not happen with the use of non-elasticated velcro if fitted properly.

Fitting the dog bootie

After putting on one sock, lift the other leg so the dog is standing properly on the paw with the sock on – in this way it is easier to see if the sock fits. It should not be too tight around the paw, nor be loose and floppy. Lift the leg with the sock, pull at the sock and make sure it does not slip over the paw.


NB! Socks with holes must not be used. This may lead to gravel or snow entering the sock and injury to the dog’s paw.


Read more about paw socks

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 23 × 19 × 7 cm

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