Harness workshop Comfort Harness Dog harness

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A comfortable dog harness in very high quality, for the daily walks. Fits most dog breeds. Has a D-ring both above and below and can also be used as a track harness.

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Harness workshop Comfort Harness Dog harness

As the name suggests, this is a comfortable dog harness that fits most dog breeds. This dog harness is suitable for the daily walks and walks with the dog and provides a freedom of movement that quickly makes it the dog’s own favorite.

Which size is right for my dog?

Figures are for guidance only, and your dog can fit in two different sizes. The comfort harness has a large adjustment span around the neck and chest, but it is recommended to increase the size if you are in the middle.

XX-Small typically fits:
Parson Russell, Dwarf Pinscher, Danish-Swedish farm dog bitch

X-Small typically fits:
Jack Russell, Danish-Swedish farm dog, Whippet bitch

Small typically fits:
Husky bitch, English setter bitch, Buhund, Breton

Medium typically fits:
Husky male, pointer, Vorsteh, big setter, Golden, Labrador Hunting Labrador, Samoyed

Large typically fits:
Greenland dog, Golden, Labrador, Rottweiler

X-large typically fits:
Rottweiler, New Foundlander


Regulatory options

The comfort harness has adjustment options in both the neck opening and the belly strap (under the belly) so that it can be adapted perfectly to your dog. This dog harness is made of solid and soft materials, without points that gnaw against the dog’s fur or skin. The back piece should reach about halfway between the shoulder and the tail. The harness has a large adjustment span and it is recommended to increase the size if you are in the middle.

Air harness and track harness in one

The dog harness has two D-rings, one for leashes and one for track lines. The D-ring on the upper side is used for normal ventilation with straps / leashes. The D-ring on the underside is used to attach the track line so that the line hangs centered under the dog when you walk the track. With the adjustable neck opening, you can make the opening spacious, so that the dog has free airways when searching with its nose in the ground.

Pocket for dog bags

On the back piece you will find a smart pocket where you can put dog bags, among other things.

Superb material quality

The harness is sewn in the best quality nylon with reflectors, locking buckles, click buckles UTX Flex® and top-class stitching. The elegant leather details reinforce the ring fasteners, and also give the harness a design expression that is great for the eye.

Size chart

Size chart dog harness


Additional information

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Dimensions 23 × 19 × 7 cm

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