Seleverkstedet Trekreg dog harness

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Adjustable joring/skijoring harness which can fit almost every type of dog due to the flexible adjustment system.

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TrekReg Harness adjustable joring/skijoring dog harness

Adjustable joring/skijoring harness, perfect for pulling activities for dogs. Suitable for skiing, jogging, canicross, kickbiking and cycling. Also suitable for regular walks when fastened to a waist belt. An adjustable pull harness for both short, muscular dogs and tall, slender dogs.

XX-Small typically fits:
Parson Russell, Dwarf Pinscher, Danish-Swedish farm dog bitch

X-Small typically fits:
Jack Russell, Danish-Swedish farm dog, Whippet bitch, Hunting cocker

Small typically fits:
Husky bitch, English setter bitch, Buhund, Breton

Medium typically fits:
Husky male, pointer, Vorsteher, big setter, Golden, Labrador, Hunting Labrador, Samoyed

Large typically fits:
Greenland dog, Golden, Labrador, Rottweiler

X-large typically fits:
Rottweiler, New Foundlander

Well-padded for canine comfort

The harness is padded with high quality foam around the neck. Extra padding along the back provides extra comfort for your dog.


Adjustment / fitting of the harness for pulling

When used for active pulling, the harness should be adjusted so that the pulling/attachment point is a couple of fingers’ breadth in front of the base of the tail. When standing up straight, the harness should form a bow above the back. This is both correct and important. The harness should only flatten out when the dog is pulling with its head down. Adjust the length so that the dog can stretch forward to pull while the attachment point remains a couple of fingers’ breadth in front of the base of the tail. The harness thus provides unimpaired airways when pulling. This adjustment is ideal for jogging/skiing and similar activities.


Adjustment / fitting of the harness for cycling and walks when the dog is to one side

In this case, the pulling/attachment point must be adjusted further forward so that it lies immediately behind the middle of the dog’s back. This provides more control over the dog and keeps the harness better placed when on a slack lead. It may be a good idea to adjust the harness so that the ring lies towards the cycle/owner. The chest post will not then be drawn up into the dog’s armpit.


Adjustment / fitting of the harness for walking

Adjustable_Tull Harness_Adjustment_The Harness Workshop

For regular walking, the pulling/attachment point is adjusted further forward so that it lies more towards the middle of the back, half-way between mane and tail. This provides more control over the dog and keeps the harness better placed when on a slack lead.


Adjustable neck opening

The neck opening is readily adjustable so that it is easy to get the harness over the dog’s head. The belly straps can be adjusted and open with simple buckles to make it easy to put on and take off the dog.


Top quality pull harness for dogs

Seleverkstedet’s Trekreg Harness is sewn in quality nylon with top class materials, reflector, buckles and stitching. The elegant leather details reinforce the ring attachments as well as giving an attractive designer appearance to the harness as a whole.


Size chart Trekreg

Measurement guide_hundesele_trekksele_trekreg_Seleverkstedet

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 23 × 19 × 7 cm

L, M, S, XL, XS, XXS



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