Chest strap from Seleverkstedet

Due to its construction, the traditional chest strap is not intended for heavy loads. The shoulder and upper arm are then pushed inwards and can prevent the dog from moving the front leg forward. Because it is so short, the towline must always point backwards higher than horizontally.

The harness is suitable for light exercise work, where the tensile load is minimal.

The chest strap is lined with closed cell foam covered with nylon cloth. This is a feed that does not freeze or absorb sand or other dirt. The pull ring is not sewn so that it avoids taking the harness to the side when the dog walks obliquely. Due to the fact that the belly belt is sewn to the chest part, a neck strap is unnecessary, but this presupposes that you do not choose too large a size. This harness is available in 9 sizes to suit all breeds and dog types. The harness is available in 2 widths, 20 and 25mm.

The breastplate is currently not for sale