What size of hoof for your dog?

When you need to find the size of the hoof, the AA measurements apply – that is, the length from the elbow joint to the elbow joint over the back in front.

1 Measure the dog from the elbow, over the back and down to the elbow on the other side. The tip of the elbow is the top visible joint on the foreleg, what the dog lies on when it is in the “tire”.

2 If the size of the dog matches the stated size of the hoof, you have the correct size.

3 If the goal is in the middle between two sizes, you should consider your use of the hoof. Should it be for small trips where the dog should carry some equipment, we have experience that most people are most satisfied with the smaller of the two sizes. If you are considering longer trips with a lot of packing, and the dog is well trained and has a decent ground clearance, you can choose the larger of the two sizes. Ground clearance means that the dog has a certain height which means that it does not subber the hoof too far down towards the vegetation.