Dog harnesses from Seleverkstedet

For 40 years, Seleverkstedet has supplied specially sewn dog harnesses and equipment. In 2021, the first collection of stocked quality harnesses for dogs will be released on the market based on decades of experience of the dog’s ergonomics and material quality.

Our harnesses:

Seleverkstedet Comfort Harness | Air harness and Track harness for dog

For the daily airing

This is the dog harness for the daily walks. . The comfort harness has good adjustment options in both the neck opening and the belly belt (under the belly) so that it can be adapted perfectly to your dog. Check the back length and find the right size for your dog. An air harness is designed for precisely air travel. It is not a harness where you can give the dog a load by pulling something behind it. For such purpose see TrekReg harness.

Air harness and track harness in one

The dog harness has a fastening for straps / leashes on the upper side in addition to a ring below to attach the track line so that the line hangs centered under the dog when you walk the track. When you are going to walk tracks with the dog, you can make the neck opening spacious so that the dog has free airways when it searches with its nose down towards the ground.

Seleverkstedet Trekreg Harness | harness for dog

Adjustable drawbar Seleverkstedet Trekreg

Adjustable harness for all types of dogs

As the name says, this is an adjustable harness in very high quality that fits perfectly when dogs are going to activity to pull / pull. The difference from an air harness is that the ergonomics of the harness are made to give the dog free airways when it pulls and pulls something after it. This means that when you try on the harness and the dog stands straight and upside down – the harness should curl on its back. The harness should only lie flat when the dog is in the working position with its head forward and down – as if it is running and pulling.

Area of use for harness

It is suitable for snow skiing, jogging, canicross, kickspark and cycling. But it can also be used for regular walks attached to the belly belt.

More dog harnesses will come on the market eventually …