Pinnebaksele from Seleverkstedet

The pin backrest can be connected to the Combiflex harness or the adjustable combination harness when you are going to do strength training of your dog with a chain tow.

The stick remover is the rear part of the old shipping harness that was widely used for heavier work during the gold mining era in Alaska and later. It is suitable as an addition to the Combiflex harness and adjustable combi harness when you want to do one-piece training of your dog with a chain trailer. It is suitable for heavier pulls due to the low pull point. The dog can put its mass over the pull point and “bend” the tow forward.

This type of harness is also used for Weightpull training and competition where it is about pulling the greatest possible weight in relation to the body weight over approx. 12m. It is then called a “weightpull harness” and is sewn in by a wider band and the neck is more subdued so that the dog can come down low with its head without squeezing the airways in the throat.

Both the Combiflex harness and the adjustable combi harness also have the ability to regulate the angle of the neck. That is what makes these seals so unique.

The stick remover is currently not for sale