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Paw socks for Dog

The use of paw socks is first and foremost about protecting the dog’s paws. It can be against cold or heat, against road salt, sore paws and wear, or against the risk of cuts.

Tent trip with dog

If you are going on a tent trip for the first time with your dog this summer, we have some good advice you can take with you on the road! Text and photo: Therese N. Andersen Tent with dog Hammock? Under open sky? Tent? All the options are equally nice and each has its own … Continued

From puppy to adult dog

If you have a new puppy in the house or a young dog, we hope to find something useful here. All dogs go through the developmental periods at the beginning of their lives, but it is important to be aware that there are big differences between breeds. There are variations between the length of the … Continued

Puppy training

Proper training of puppies The puppy needs proper training to get a strong and healthy body. At the same time, it is important not to overload the puppy’s body. Where is the limit for what is constructive training for a puppy and what is too much? Text and photo: Therese Norman Andersen – If the … Continued

Togo Hoof for Dog

A well-designed hoof The harness workshop’s TOGO hoof saw the light of day in 1982, and has since been optimized to sharpen the characteristics of the hoof and the carrying comfort of the dog. The volume of the hoof (the bags and the raised lid) is made as large as it is appropriate for the … Continued

All about hoof – by Jan Renertsen

What does the word cleft mean? Like horses, dogs have been used to carry various things both by pulling and carrying on their backs. Maybe the word is taken from “horse hoof? It is divided (split) into two equal parts, one on each side of the animal. English uses the word” backpack “for dogs” and … Continued

Teach the dog to walk behind

In narrow passages, with many dogs or on summit hikes with steep downhills, it can be very comfortable to have taught the dog to walk behind you. Text and photo: Therese N. Andersen Trip with dog on trail The easiest way to learn a “behind” command is to use natural obstacles that make the dog … Continued