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Dog collar

Dog collars from Seleverkstedet® in colors that match the associated equipment such as dog leashes and paw socks with timeless grey and leather details (vegan leather). See our martingale collar with soft padding and a solid stop that can be adjusted to sit exactly as it should - comfortable for the dog, but so that it doesn't go over your head unless you want it to. Also see our light and sturdy dog collar, adjustable with a fixed opening once you have set it to the right circumference for your dog.

Seleverkstedet Secure dog Collar 

A simple, stylish and secure collar with a strong Duraflex® click buckle that fulfills competition requirements where easy release is required.

Seleverkstedet Unify dog Collar 

Soft semi slip martingale dog collar that is comfortable for your dog to wear. It si adjustable for a precise fit to your dog. The collar is simple to slip on and off and is perfect for an active dog.

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