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Dog harness

Our dog harnesses are designed to suit many different dog breeds and activities. Since 1981, Seleverkstedet's dog harnesses have been the first choice for many mushers and working dog handlers due to their durability and ergonomics. In our collection you'll find harnesses for different uses – walking harness, tracking harness, nome harness and adjustable pulling harness. Experienced dog handlers test our harnesses for strength, fit and function.

Seleverkstedet Comfort Harness 

A comfortable dog harness for daily walks. Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. The harnesses have a D-ring both at the top and underneath so it also and can be used as a tracking harness.

Seleverkstedet Nome Harness 

Seleverkstedet's Nome Harness is an ergonomic pulling harness for skijoring, joring and mushing. Used by mushers for over 40 years.

Seleverkstedet Trekreg Harness 

A high-quality adjustable pulling harness that can be adjusted to fit almost every dog.

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