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Orbiloc Dog Dual

SKU: vm-960-001
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Be visible in the dark for the safety of you and your dog. Orbiloc ensures good visibility when driving in the dark, and is visible up to five kilometers away.

Orbiloc Dog Dual reflector light for dog

Orbiloc ensures excellent visibility in the dark and can be spotted at a distance of up to five kilometres away. Visibility in the dark is extremely important all year round. Not only during autumn and winter but also when twilight and rain make you and your dog less visible in the traffic. Think safety and stay visible as you and your dog are walking along the road!

Waterproof  and light

Orbiloc is waterproof to depths of up to 100 metres and can withstand a weight of 100 kg. The reflector/light has a sleek and modern design, weighs only 25 g and readily copes with your dog rolling around without discomfort to the dog or damage to the light. Choose between flashing or constant light. Battery life lasts 100 hours with constant light and 250 hours with flashing light. Choose the setting by turning the selector to the right or left.

Attach the light to your dog’s collar or harness. You can even colour code your collar or harness when you have several dogs.

Danish manufactured, high-quality LED safety light, designed to protect you and your dog in the dark. You can also see where your dog is from a longer distance.



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