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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Gurusoft is the data processor and is our supplier for the development and maintenance of the website/online store. Information collected in connection with the operation of the website is stored on separate servers operated by the supplier. Only Gurusoft has access to the information collected. A separate data processing agreement between Seleverkstedet and Gurusoft regulates what information the supplier has access to and how it is to be processed.

Processing of personal data

The web editor is responsible for the day-to-day processing of personal data. It is voluntary for visitors to the website to provide personal data in connection with services, such as receiving newsletters. The basis for processing is the consent of the individual, unless otherwise specified.

Privacy and cookies

When you visit our website, your browser will download cookies ("cookies"). These are small text files that are exchanged between your browser and our website and are used to make the website work as well as possible.

As an online user, you can choose to reject the storage and use of cookies. We recommend the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority's website for a description of how you can accept or reject cookies.

Cookies on the website

  • Gurusoft provides the e-commerce platform/cloud service Gurusoft Ecommerce for our website and is responsible for technical development, operation and maintenance. Seleverkstedet uses the following two cookies for the website to function:
  • JSESSIONID; this is a "session cookie" that is removed from your computer/mobile when you close your browser. This cookie has a reference ID to a session file on the web server. The session file contains non-personal data. Necessary so that anonymous users can each have their own shopping cart, favourites, etc. The session file is automatically deleted after the user has closed the browser or been inactive, and is thus not stored permanently. Only system administrators have access to these session files.
  • listView; cookie used for the system to remember which types of product lists a user has selected, two possible values: list or grid view. Stores no personal data.

In addition, we have chosen to include the following cookies in our website: 

Facebook pixel and Google Tag to utilise the segmentation possibilities offered for marketing purposes.

Security certificate (SSL)

It is safe to visit this website and our website has a security certificate that confirms the website's identity and ensures that all communication is encrypted. We use a recognised security certificate from leading player Commfides (also supplier to  

The purpose of encryption is to ensure secure data communication between server (our website) and client (your browser). This includes a digital certificate to prove that the website and its sender are genuine. 

Personal data

Personal data that is collected and processed for registered users in this online store is:

  • contact information such as names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers
  • passwords are stored one-way encrypted 
  • purchase transactions/orders with delivery information, selected shipping and payment method (not payment information such as credit card information) 
  • email communications such as order confirmations, offers and system messages
  • other information such as username, password, language, shopping cart, shopping lists and favourites
  • Gurusoft as the cloud service provider collects and uses traffic information, such as browser type and IP address, and stores this for a limited period of time. These logs/data are not extracted and used in other contexts. The purpose of this storage is: 
    • to detect and prevent security threats
    • to deliver stable and fast cloud services
    • to be able to investigate and track any fraud attempts or malicious actions against the cloud service.

Personal data to ERP system

This section is for each customer to customise to their business, only a draft.

We currently transfer the following information from this website to our business system (ERP):

contact information such as names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers
purchase transactions/orders with delivery information, selected shipping and payment method (not payment information such as credit card information) 

Access to Personal Data

Registered users can find the personal data we have stored in the online store/website under My page after logging in. Questions about personal data can be directed to: 

Deletion of personal data

Upon request, we can delete your entire customer profile from our systems, unless there are unsettled purchases.

Questions about the article and GDPR/personal data protection should be sent to e-mail:

My account