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Seleverkstedet Fleece grey dog boot 4pk potesokker

SKU: vm-320-003
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Warm and soft dog booties in fleece quality that provides protection and is very comfortable to wear.

Fleece Dog Booties 4-pack paw socks

A warm and soft paw sock in fleece quality that provides protection and is very comfortable to wear.

The socks are sewn with good side seams with a seamless toe area. Perfect for dry conditions to protect your dog's paws on bare ground, ice and snow. The paw socks provide good protection without the dog losing contact with the ground. This is important for both balance and movement.

Comfort for the dog

The fleece is soft and comfortable to protect the paw. The socks are sewn with top-quality fabric, stitching and Velcro.

Fleece paw sock is suitable for:

This paw sock is ideal for hiking in dry snow and bare ground.

Size guide for paw socks

Size     Height     Width     Fits paw circumference
Mini     5.5cm      4.5cm     6-8cm
Min+    6.5cm      5.5cm     8-10cm
XXS      8.0cm      6.5cm     10-12cm
XS        9.5cm      7.5cm     12-14cm
S          11,0cm       8,5cm    14-16cm
M.         12,0cm     9,5cm     16-18cm
L           13,0cm     10,5cm    17-19cm
XL.        14,5cm.    11,5cm     19-21cm

Using dog socks

When you have put the sock on, lift the other leg up so that the dog stands properly on the leg with the sock on - this makes it easier to see if the sock fits. It shouldn't be too tight around the paw, nor should it hang down. Lift up the leg with the sock, nibble the sock and make sure it doesn't slip over the paw.

Give your paw socks a longer life

Paw socks are a consumable item, but you can extend their lifespan with a few simple tricks. Long claws wear out paw socks, but can also be harmful to your dog. Keep claws short and file them lightly after clipping. Brush the socks free of grit and make sure there is never grit inside the sock.

NOTE! Once a sock has a hole in it, it can no longer be used. There is a risk of stones or snow getting inside the sock and causing damage to the dog's paw.

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