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Seleverkstedet Joring release strap

SKU: 220-254
EAN: 7090001101779
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Accessory for our hip bag when you want to connect to a dog. Attaches to the D-rings on the sides.

Seleverkstedet Joring Release Strap

The perfect accessory for the Seleverkstedet Hip Pack. Connect your dog leash and have your hands free and gives you better balance when running or skiing.

Adjustable length

The length of the strap can be adjusted depending on how loose or tight you want it. The strap attaches to the hip bag in the D-rings with lightweight aluminium hooks.

Locking strap with quick-release

Locking strap with release mechanism in sturdy nylon. Very handy to have between you and your dog when using a leash for skiing and cycling with your dog.

Top quality

Both materials and stitching are made in the best Seleverkstedet tradition. "

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