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Seleverkstedet Link Dog lead/City leash 25mm - 150

SKU: 250-028
EAN: 7090001101748
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The dog leash for those who want extra control. Perfect for use with strong dogs you want to keep close to you when you meet other dogs or in busy city streets.

Seleverkstedet Link dog lead/City leash

150 cm dog lead with twist lock carabiner and ectra loop handle.

It's much easier to keep a strong dog under control when you keep it up close. This can be in busy citystreets or when meeting other dogs. The leash is sewn with an extra loop close to the carabiner, so you can easily get a good grip close to the collar. The seams are heavy -duty stiching.

Soft handle

Use as a regular leash for your daily walks. A very comfortable handle in vegan leather fiths firmly and comfortably in the hand, with the cushion effect of the leather. When required slip your hand into the extra loop handle. 

Top security

The nylon webbing is fitted with a reflective tape to easier be seen in the dark. The leash is lightweigt but strong, with a robust twist lock aluminium carabiner without unnecessary weight, but with optimal safety. 


All equipment lasts longer if it is kept clean, and it is also more pleasant for the dog. Avoid leaving it damp over time. 

The dog lead should be hand washed. Let it dry at room temperature - DO NOT tumble dry, as this will deform the vegan leather. 

Also check for loose threads and lightly sear them with a lighter.

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