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Seleverkstedet Link dog lead 180cm

SKU: 250-002
EAN: 7090001101083
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Stylish leash 180 cm length with leather handle. Great design and solid materials. Feels soft but strong in your hand.

Link dog lead 180 cm

This dog leash combines great design with solid materials in best Seleverkstedet practice. Strong yet elegant with a comfortable vegan leather loop handle that lies firmly and well in your hand.

Reflector and light aluminum carabiner

The nylon lead itself is equipped with a reflective for you and your dog’s safety. The lead is light yet robust with a strong aluminium hook that is comfortable for your dog – without unnecessary weight.

Attractive design

Beautiful details make it as smartlooking in the city as in the forest. The combination of earthy grey tones, stitched leather details and quality aluminium creates a timeless, exclusive appearance..

Top quality

The lead is made in quality nylon with top class materials, reflector, hook and stitching.

Base for all products
freight.weight 19 g
freight.length 23 cm
freight.width 19.0 cm
freight.height 7 cm
Seleverkstedet Link Dog lead 200 cm 

A soft and strong dog leash with a very comfortable handle and a lighweight aluminium carabiner with safety clip. A great lengt when you want your dog to have more freedom  to sniff and be able to move more freely around you.

Seleverkstedet Link Dog lead/City leash 25mm - 150

The dog leash for those who want extra control. Perfect for use with strong dogs you want to keep close to you when you meet other dogs or in busy city streets.

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