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Seleverkstedet Link Dog lead 250 cm 

SKU: vm-250-014
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A soft and strong dog leash with a very comfortable handle and a lighweight aluminium carabiner with safety clip. A great lengt for puppy training and when your dog should be able to move further away from you.

Link Dog lead 250

Long lengt dog leash with safety carabiner

The leash is equipped with a reflective tape and comes in three widhts so you can choose according to the size and strength of your dog. The leash has a lighweight aluminium carabiner with a safety clip and swivel function so that is moves smootly in response to your dog's movements. The safety clip prevents the carabiner from opening. The soft vegan leather handle provides comfortable cushioning for the hand even with a pulling dog. Reinforced seams and sewn in the best nylon quality provide lightweigt and strong leashes.

Available in three different widths


The lengts is suitable for both traing and regular walks when you want your dog to move freely further away from you.

Dog lead with safety carabiner

The leash features a lightweight aluminium carabiner, which is easily opened and closed with a simple clip to secure the carabiner from opening. This provides extra security for you and your dog.

Reflective tape on the dog leash

The nylon webbing is fitted with a reflective tape to easier be seen in the dark.


All equipment lasts longer if it is kept clean, and it is also more pleasant for the dog. Avoid leaving it damp over time. 

The dog lead should be hand washed. Let it dry at room temperature - DO NOT tumble dry, as this will deform the vegan leather. 

Also check for loose threads and lightly sear them with a lighter.

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freight.length 23 cm
freight.width 19.0 cm
freight.height 7 cm
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