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Seleverkstedet Joring Belt

SKU: 200-001
EAN: 7090001101021
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Joring Belt | Running belt for dog activity

Suitable for running, jogging, dog walking, cross-country skiing and hiking. A very comfortable and lightweight running belt in a great design that is just as suitable for running/canicross as for skiing and daily walks or jogging. With the running belt and joring line, you have both hands free and it gives you better balance when running or skiing with your dog.

Removable straps around the thighs for active use

The belt comes with removable straps that can be fastened around the thighs to keep the belt down on the hips. This ensures that the driving belt stays correctly positioned during more active movements such as running, fast walking or skiing. At the same time, it is easy to detach if you want to use it as a regular abdominal belt for hiking, on trails or in the mountains.

Mobile phone pocket 

The belt is equipped with a mobile phone pocket on the back so you can carry your cards and phone on your hike.

D-ring attachements on the sides

The waist belt also has sturdy D-ring attachments on the sides if you also want to pull a sled or tyres at the same time. Instead of the welded steel hook attachment, you can also connect the belt with Seleverkstedet Joring Release Strap. This provides even and good support as two pull points distribute the force more evenly around the body. The dog can also be easily released if a situation arises where it is necessary.

Good comfort for activity with dogs

EVA foam in the backrest and foot strap solutions. Together with our Rush Joring Line driving line, you and your dog will enjoy the good experience of increased activity.

One size fits all

With extra long straps both at the waist and around the thighs, this driving belt fits most people. Cut off excess strap length Excess strap length can easily be cut at an angle and burned quickly with a lighter flame for a few seconds at the point of cut to prevent the ends from fraying.

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