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Seleverkstedet Rush Joring Line 160 cm

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Sturdy bungee cord with length for walking/calm pace at a suitable distance from the dog. NB! The knots should not be unravelled.

Rush Joring Line 160 cm

NOTE! The knots must not be untied

Our Joring Lines have been specially developed so that the pulling activity will be comfortable for both dog and owner. The joring line provides an even and good resistance for optimal comfort and security.

Choosing the right length

The 160 cm Joring Line is perfect for walking and jogging with your dog, even skiing or cycling with two dogs using a Twin Lead splitter in addition to the Joring Line. The 245 cm is perfect for activities with a faster speed such as skiing and cycling.

Correct thickness for the right resistance

Our Joring Lines are available in three different thicknesses

  • For dogs under 10kg we recommend 6 mm
  • For dogs between 10 and 20 kg we recommend 8 mm
  • For dogs over 20kg we recommend 10mm

These are developed to fit the dogs weight and strength in the pulling activities. Having the correct resistance in the elastic is important to have a comfortable activity with your dog.

Adjustable handle

Also note the possibility of adjustment in the handle, which means that in addition to connecting to a belt, you can use it as a lead to and from activity.


All equipment lasts longer if it is kept clean, and it is also more pleasant for the dog. Avoid leaving it damp over time. 

The joring linecan be mashine washed at  40 degrees in a laundry bag. Let it dry at room temperature - DO NOT tumble dry as this can damage the elastic.

Also check for loose threads and lightly sear them with a lighter.

Please tighten the knots after washing.


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