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Seleverkstedet Secure dog Collar 

SKU: vm-260-020
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A simple, stylish and secure collar with a strong Duraflex® click buckle that fulfills competition requirements where easy release is required.

Secure Dog Collar

Adjustable dog collar with a simple and secure collar with a strong Duraflex® click buckle. The collar is adjustable so you can set it so tight that it doesn't slip over your head. The lightweight but sturdy clasp is easy to open but can withstand weight. Because it's adjustable, it's just as suitable for growing puppies as it is for adult dogs.

Vegan leather

The dog collar has a wide band of vegan leather that only gets softer and better with use. It also provides protection against the neck under the clasp.

Size chart

Secure dog collar circumference

3XS 24 - 27 cm 
2XS 26 - 30 cm 
XS   29 - 33 cm 
S     32 - 36 cm 
M    35 - 40 cm 
L.     39 - 45 cm 


All equipment lasts longer if it is kept clean, and it is also more pleasant for the dog. Avoid leaving it damp over time. 

The collar should be hand washed. Let it dry at room temperature - DO NOT tumble dry, as this will deform the vegan leather. 

Also check for loose threads and lightly sear them with a lighter.

Base for all products
freight.weight 0.1 g
freight.length 10 cm
freight.width 20 cm
freight.height 5 cm
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