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Seleverkstedet Togo Dog Backpack

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Seleverkstedets classic and highly durable backback for dogs. Ergonomically designed according to the dog’s size. Very solid materials with 1000-denier-coated nylon, leather and solid seams.

Seleverkstedet Togo Dog Backpack

Seleverkstedet’s classic – the robust Togo dog backpack. Ergonomic design with carrying capacity to suit dog size. Leather, 1000-denier-coated nylon material and tough stitching make the Togo backpack exceptionally hard-wearing. The TOGO canine backpack was first produced in 1982 and has for many years been in a class of its own in terms of quality and wearing comfort for the dog.

The volume of the backpack in relation to the size (the bags and the raised lid) is made as large as appropriate for the dog to carry without restricting the dog’s freedom of movement.

How to select the correct size of backpack

Measure the dog across the back from elbow to elbow. The point of the elbow is the uppermost visible joint on the foreleg when the dog is lying in the ‘down’ position. If the dog measures the same as the stated measurement on the pack, then you have the correct size.

If the dog measures between two sizes, you should consider the use of the backpack:

  • For shorter trips where the dog is to carry light equipment, our experience suggests that most dogs are happier with the smaller of the two sizes.
  • If you are thinking of longer trips with a heavier pack, and your dog is physically well-trained and has sufficient ground clearance, the larger of the two sizes can be chosen.

By ground clearance, we mean that the dog is sufficiently tall to avoid the backpack being too low in the vegetation.

Togo backpack sizes (EE measurements = Elbow to Elbow):

  • Mini from 43 cm minimum EE measurements
  • Mini + about 48 cm
  • XXS about 57 cm
  • XS about 61 cm
  • S about 65 cm
  • M about 71 cm
  • L about 82 cm
  • XL about 92 cm

How old must the dog be to carry a backpack?

It is an advantage that the dog is outgrown so you can choose a size that will fit further. But an empty backpack does not weigh much more than a thick blanket, so getting the dog used to having something on its back with low weight is only positive. You must expect that you will first be able to have a good return on carrying capacity with a backpack from the dog is 18 months old.

How heavy backpack can the dog carry?

How you train your dog from an early age is up to you as a dog owner. Is your dog used to walk for a while and is a healthy and strong dog? Have you been good at developing your dog with walks in varied terrain? Large dogs develop more slowly than small dogs. Remember to always start carefully with weight when you start splitting. Look at how the dog is doing, if you see that it is heavy it is too much weight. Trip the dog lightly, then you can put on more. As mentioned in the section above, your dog must be grown before you can load with a certain weight. A rule of thumb is that a very well trained dog can carry up to 25% of its own body weight if the terrain is light and the trip is not too long. There is a big difference between walking in flat terrain than if you walk in rough terrain and with climbs. Use common sense and remember that you know your dog best, so pay close attention and read the signals your dog gives.

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