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Dog Pulling harness

A dog harness for pulling is a useful tool for dog owners who want to get involved in activities like joring/skijoring or for strength training the dog. Pulling harnesses give your dog free airways and are comfortable even when pulling a sled, pulka or person skiing or jogging. The harness is ergonomically designed with the dog's freedom of movement and load distribution in mind, so that it does not put unnecessary pressure on the dog's body. With a pulling harness, dog owners and their four-legged friends can enjoy fun and challenging activities that strengthen the bond between - while providing a healthy and stimulating workout for the dog.

Seleverkstedet Nome Harness 

Seleverkstedet's Nome Harness is an ergonomic pulling harness for skijoring, joring and mushing. Used by mushers for over 40 years.

Seleverkstedet Trekreg Harness 

A high-quality adjustable pulling harness that can be adjusted to fit almost every dog.

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