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Seleverkstedet Trekreg Harness 

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A high-quality adjustable pulling harness that can be adjusted to fit almost every dog.

TREKREG adjustable pulling harness for dog

Adjustable joring/skijoring harness, perfect for pulling activities for dogs. Suitable for skiing, jogging, canicross, kickbiking and cycling. With the front D-ring on the harness, you can guide your dog in a controlled manner to, for example, a ski track.

Fits almost all dogs/dog breeds

This pulling harness suits both typical mushing dogs and dogs with short and stocky bodies due to its ability to be adjusted. Adjustment allows the same harness to be used on a growing dog. It can also be customised for other dogs within the same size range.

Comfortable padding

The harness is padded with high-quality foam around the neck that retains its shape after long periods of use. With its padded back piece, it lies very comfortably on the dog's rear end. 

Easy on and off

For dogs that are reluctant to wear a classic harness, this is a harness that's easy to put on and take off. You open the buckle on the abdominal straps and put it on sideways as if it were a collar. This is also a great advantage for old and rheumatic dogs. 

Adjustment of the harness for trekking

The harness should be adjusted so that the pulling point/attachment is on the rear third of the back when used for active pulling. When the dog is standing straight up and down, the harness should arch well up on the back. This is both correct and important. The harness should lie flat only when the dog is working with its head down and pulling. Adjust the length so that the dog can lean its body forwards to pull while the harness is tightened. This way, the harness will provide free airways during pulling activity. This customisation is ideal for skijoring, cycling with the dog in front and running. Even for walks with an active pulling dog.

Adjusting the harness for cycling when the dog runs beside the bike

Here, the pull point/attachment should be adjusted further forward to lie just behind the centre of the dog's back. The abdominal strap on the side closest to the bicycle is adjusted all the way in, while the opposite side is fully slackened. This prevents the harness from being pulled up into the dog's armpit.

Adjustment of the harness for walking

For easy walking, the pull point/attachment can be adjusted further forward, to lie more towards the centre of the dog's back between the withers and tail. This gives more control of the dog and keeps the harness more in place when the leash is slack.

Size chart Trekreg


Fitting sizes in our experience

XX-Small typically fits: Parson Russell, Dwarf Pinscher, Danish-Swedish farm dog bitch.
X-Small typically fits: Jack Russell, Danish-Swedish farm dog, Whippet bitch, Hunting cocker.
Small typically fits: Husky bitch, English setter bitch, Buhund, Breton.
Medium typically fits: Husky male, Pointer, Vorsteher, large setters, Golden, Labrador, Hunting Labrador, Samoyed.
Large typically fits: Greenland dog, Golden, Labrador, Rottweiler
X-large typically fits: Rottweiler, New Foundlander.



All equipment lasts longer if it is kept clean, and it is also more pleasant for the dog. Avoid leaving it damp over time.
The harness can be machine washed at 40 degrees in a laundry bag. Let it dry at room temperature - DO NOT tumble dry, as this will deform the foam in the padding. Also check for loose threads and lightly sear them with a lighter.


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